UK Auto Insurance and Comprehensive Benefits

Many road users in the United Kingdom choose third party auto insurance policies as a means of saving money. A third party policy is very similar to basic policies in the United States and offer liability protection if other road users are hurt or their property is damaged in the event of a road traffic accident.

What many UK motorists fail to realize is that the gap between third party auto insurance and fully comprehensive auto insurance is narrowing all the time. Indeed, the difference of price with some makes and models is almost negligible and road users are advised to check the premiums on both policy options before a purchase is made.

Online auto insurance quotes are particularly useful for finding the differences in price. When quotes are applied for, it is usually possible to receive a third party and a fully comprehensive quote from the same page. Indeed, many companies will actually offer a price on both automatically as a means of giving consumers a better level of service.

Fully comprehensive auto insurance in the UK differs to comprehensive insurance in the United States. While the UK version offers blanket coverage, comprehensive auto insurance in the US doesn’t pay for repairs to the vehicle of the policyholder after collisions. Instead, it caters for incidents of fire, theft, vandalism and any form of damage caused by natural events such as flooding or high winds. To cover accident damage, US residents must purchase collision coverage as an optional extra.

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