Tune Up your Auto Insurance Policy for 2011 (Part Three)

Welcome to the third part of our feature article. We take a closer look at periodically reviewing your auto insurance policy as a means of improving your coverage and saving yourself some much-needed money on premium costs.

Additional Options

Once you have ensured that all of your mandatory obligations are being met, it may be worthwhile looking at some of the many additional options provided with auto insurance quotes. Blanket coverage can provide total peace of mind and leave you free to drive your vehicle in complete confidence.

Collision Coverage – Collision coverage pays for the cost of repairs to your own vehicle even if you are deemed to be the responsible driver in a road traffic accident. Realistically, it’s only worth tuning your policy to include this auto insurance option if your vehicle is of a relatively high market value.

Comprehensive Insurance – Again, comprehensive insurance should only really be considered if you drive a new or nearly-new vehicle. Although this additional feature doesn’t provide any accident protection, it will guarantee a settlement if your vehicle is damaged by fire, theft, acts of vandalism, flooding or any other acts of God.

Breakdown Coverage and Towing – Many road users already have a breakdown and towing option purchased through independent companies but many carriers now work alongside recovery services to give their customers an inclusive package. Recovery costs are notoriously expensive but fine tuning your policy to incorporate breakdown coverage and towing can actually prove to be cost-effective in the longer term.

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