Tune Up your Auto Insurance Policy for 2011 (Part One)

A periodic review of your auto insurance policy can be a fantastic way of improving your coverage and saving yourself some much-needed money on premium costs. By tuning up your auto insurance coverage on a regular basis, you’ll also familiarize yourself with effective consumer techniques and the current marketplace.

Detailing your Policy

Does your current auto insurance policy give you all of the coverage you actually need? Many motorists purchase a policy on the back of competitively-priced auto insurance quotes without familiarizing themselves with the terms and conditions of the policy. Take some time to read the small print of your current deal and make any updates that you deem necessary. This could include small items such as breakdown assistance and towing coverage.

Often, you may find that personal information needs to be updated as well. If your marital status has changed or you’ve passed a significant birthday landmark, be sure to inform your auto insurance carrier in case there are any discounts applicable to your policy.

Avoid Auto Insurance Potholes

Familiarize yourself with the Insurance Agreement thoroughly. Again, this will be found in the terms and conditions of your existing auto insurance policy. Many carriers apply exclusions to their coverage and may not pay out if certain criteria aren’t fulfilled in the wake of a road traffic accident.

Special circumstances may also apply. Some companies will not make a settlement if an accident occurs when a vehicle is being used for anything other than social or domestic purposes. Young drivers may not be covered if they are using a vehicle during curfew hours although exceptions are often made for life-threatening emergencies.

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