Top Ten California Auto Insurance Companies

At Promiga, we pride ourselves on working alongside the biggest names in the auto insurance marketplace. All of our providers are ‘A’ rated companies with a proven track record of providing great quotes, great prices and great service. To help make an informed choice, why not review our list of the top ten California auto insurance companies?

State Farm

Slightly higher auto insurance rates, but renowned for excellent service levels and great claims handling.

Farmers Insurance

Fantastic on price and coverage, but one of the top ten California auto insurance companies that like to dispute claims.

21st Century Group

Low rates for drivers with a perfect driving history and best accessed through price comparison websites. The company can increase auto insurance rates without warning.

Mercury Insurance

Incredibly low rates, even for high-risk drivers, but some customers have complained about slow response times for claims and customer service levels.


Awesome polices and service, but one of the more expensive top ten California auto insurance companies.

Coastal National insurance

A lesser-known company that offers exceptionally low auto insurance rates, although there are several complaints about customer service.

Infinity Insurance

The company has a customer base that is delighted with rates and policies, but not so happy about their lengthy claims process.


A perfect choice for military members and their families. Their services also extend to former members of the military.


One of the top ten California auto insurance companies with a really impressive overall record, but separate policies must be purchased for each vehicle in a household.


Big on customer service and price, but previous problems with taking online and telephone payments.




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