Top Money Saving Tips on UK Budget Car Insurance (Part Two)

The second part of our series concerning money saving tips can help you find cheap car insurance quotes more easily.


Limit your mileage and enjoy cheap car insurance quotes. By restricting vehicle usage, you’ll be able present yourself as being less of a risk to your insurance company on the premise that the fewer miles you drive, the lower the chances are of being involved in an accident.


Consider appointing a car insurance broker to find coverage on your behalf. A broker builds special relationships with selected car insurance companies and will pass on any discounts they receive if you purchase a policy that they recommend.


Although the UK doesn’t have strict rules about the application of car insurance discounts for those with good grades, companies such as Endsleigh specialize in providing cheap car insurance quotes for sixth formers, college students and those at university.

Restrict Named Drivers

Minimize the number of drivers on your car insurance policy, especially if you have motorists who are under the age of 25 included on it.

Vehicle Choice

Don’t fall into the trap of buying an expensive, high-performance car if you can afford to insure it. Older models with a low engine capacity will always attract cheap car insurance quotes.

No-Claims Bonus

Try to build up your no-claims bonus as quickly as you can. Once you have qualified for maximum discounts, your car insurance quotes can be reduced by as much as 40%.

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