Top Money Saving Tips on UK Budget Car Insurance (Part Three)

The third and final part of our series concerning money saving tips can help you find cheap car insurance quotes more easily.


Avoid making unnecessary modifications on your vehicle. By adding body kits or changing the performance of your car, you’ll be increasing the risk of vandalism, theft or accidents. Keep your vehicle in standard condition to enjoy cheap car insurance quotes.

Select the Right Coverage

If you own a second-hand car with a low market value, it’s not going to be cost-effective to purchase fully comprehensive insurance. Consider buying a third party policy instead. Fire and theft coverage can be included on some third party policies.


If you have access to a locked garage where your vehicle can be kept overnight, make sure your car insurance company knows about it. You will usually find that car insurance quotes are more expensive if your vehicle is kept out in the street at night.

Group Insurance

If you are member of a Vehicle Ownership Club or a recognized Trade Union, there may be an opportunity to take part in a group insurance scheme. Many carriers apply massive discounts for clubs and organizations because policies can be sold in larger volumes.


Avoid driving convictions by sticking to speed limits and driving considerately. Every time you have points added to your license, your car insurance company will consider you to be a more significant risk and your car insurance quotes will rise accordingly.

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