Top Money Saving Tips on UK Budget Car Insurance (Part One)

The current recession sees many of us living on restricted budgets and many vehicle owners can no longer afford to purchase car insurance. Sadly, a number of these individuals continue to operate their vehicles illegally but it’s still perfectly possibly to find budget car insurance quotes by following our excellent series of money saving tips.


Whenever you apply for car insurance quotes, you will have the opportunity to set your own excess levels. The excess figure alleviates part of the risk your car insurance company undertakes and in effect, you will be agreeing to a set monetary sum that must be paid before your carrier will meet any other outstanding repair costs.

Pass-Plus Driving Courses

Once you have passed your driving test, it can be a good idea to take a pass-plus driving course to increase your driving skills. As well as reducing your chances of being involved in an accident, an advanced driving course is likely to result in lower premiums when you apply for car insurance quotes.

Online Car Insurance

Many consumers are now purchasing their car insurance online. As well as qualifying for additional discounts that might not be available over the telephone, it’s much easier to compare car insurance quotes and much quicker to actually obtain them.


Most new models already come with a fitted immobilizer but if your car doesn’t have one, try to compare the difference in car insurance quotes where these security features may or may not be present. It can sometimes be worth installing an immobilizer to make car insurance quotes cheaper.

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