Top Auto Insurance Companies in California

Ever wondered which auto insurance companies to choose when comparing quotes? Should you be purchasing on a basis of price, protection or the customer service you’ll receive if you ever need to make a claim? In this article, Promiga look at the top auto insurance companies in California.


Allstate carry an A+ auto insurance rating and are one of the most financially stable carriers. With an estimated value of more than $2 billion, Allstate are widely chosen by auto insurance consumers because their exceptional customer service levels and simple claims process. Although premiums tend to be slightly higher, consumers seem to have very little problem with paying more for a superior service.


Progressive enjoy an excellent A++ rating, and are widely noted for being one of the top auto insurance companies in California and beyond. Progressive are one of the more aggressive auto insurance companies when it comes to marketing and this often leads consumers to believe they are one of the biggest carriers. In fact, Progressive are valued at an estimated $750 million. Reviews show Progressive to be fantastic service providers, but many customers feel that the company should waive their policy of every vehicle within a household having to be insured separately.


With an estimated worth of $2 billion, GEICO are famous for their talking gecko advertisements. GEICO, like Progressive, have an A++ rating. Customers regularly praise auto insurance rates and customer service levels, and their only flaw as one of the top auto insurance companies in California is the inability to pay online or over the telephone on selected transactions.

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