Tips for Young Car Insurance Buyers in Nevada

Young car insurance buyers pay some of the highest rates of all drivers on the road. Insurance companies know that they present a high level of risk for coverage purposes, which translates into paying premium rates for coverage. Once a teen or young adult has accumulated some experience on the road, rates will start to come down.

Since a policy for a new driver can be very expensive, a much more economical choice than taking out a new policy is to add the teen or young adult’s name to an existing one as an occasional driver. The existing policy can be held by any adult member of the household, which means that a parent, grandparent, sibling or guardian can help the young driver save on his or her coverage costs in this manner. The arrangement can stay in place until the new driver moves out of the home.

Completing an approved driver’s education program will also help young people get better rates for their Nevada car insurance coverage. These programs help new drivers learn how to operate their vehicles safely and lowers the risk of accidents.

Full-time students who get good grades may qualify for a discount on the cost of their coverage. A number of insurance providers offer good student price breaks to people who are able to maintain a “B” average or higher, since the insurer considers learners who display this type of diligence to be more mature and responsible than those who struggle with their studies.


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