Tips for Buying Quebec Car Insurance

When you are thinking of buying Quebec car insurance, it pays to keep these tips in mind:

  • Be truthful on your application. If the insurance company finds out you lied, it can cancel your policy coverage.
  • Pay your premiums on time. If you don’t keep up with your payments as agreed, the insurer may also cancel your policy. A customer who has had his or her car insurance cancelled may have trouble finding another company that will provide coverage. When applying for coverage, a car insurance company will look at past behavior as a way to predict future behavior. A customer who does not pay his or her premium as agreed is not considered to be as responsible as someone who pays on time without fail and is riskier (and more expensive) to insure.
  • Commit to staying with the same insurance company for the term of your coverage. If you decide to change companies in the middle, you will likely be faced with cancellation fees. If at all possible, wait until your policy is up for renewal before making a change. Start looking at other options a couple of months before your renewal date and make sure that if you are going to switch companies that you have your new policy in place before canceling the existing one. You may want to ask your existing provider if it is willing to offer a discount to keep your business before switching companies.