Three Tips to get Great Motorcycle Insurance

Obtaining a motorcycle insurance policy can be difficult affair. Even if you are a safe and conscientious road user, many auto insurance companies will view motorcycle riders as being a particularly high-risk group. This is supported by accident statistics and even though most bikers tend to use their machines within the confines of the law, many incidents are caused by road users in automobiles who simply fail to see or recognize smaller forms of transport.

Engine Size

Power is an influencing factor on most motorcycle insurance quotes and the meaner your machine, the meaner an auto insurance company is likely to be. Although high-performance motorcycles inevitably provide the rider with an unmistakable buzz, this feeling is rarely reciprocated by carriers who are concerned that you may use your bike with a little too much enthusiasm. Consider downgrading to a less powerful model if your motorcycle insurance rates are currently causing you concern.


The value of a motorcycle will also have an impact on motorcycle insurance quotes. New top-end models can cost many thousands of dollars and if they become damaged as the result of a road traffic accident, this usually makes them more expensive to repair. Unless you can afford higher motorcycle insurance rates, consider buying an older model instead.

Training Classes

Nothing catches the attention of auto insurance companies more quickly than a motorcyclist who takes additional training classes to improve their competence as a rider. Many motorcycle training classes are surprisingly cheap to enroll in and the cost is often offset by cheaper insurance quotes the next time a policy is applied for.

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