Three Steps to Buying Motor Insurance without a Credit Check

Many major UK insurers now carry out credit checks during a policy application. This can be disconcerting for motorists with a less-than-perfect credit history as monthly or quarterly payment options may be excludable if a negative search is returned. However, UK driver can still take steps to avoid credit searches when purchasing a motor insurance policy.

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Step 1 – Gathering Information

Always ensure the basic personal information you supply regarding a policy is factually correct. Always have details regarding previous policies to hand and supply this information as well. If a good basic profile is supplied, many insurers will not need to run a credit check before issuing a policy. Be sure to add details about any claims and accidents as well.

Step 2 – Vehicle Details

When you are buying motor insurance, have all the relevant details regarding the vehicle available to give to the insurance company. If you haven’t purchased a vehicle yet but are still considering insurance, make sure that you obtain quotes from a reputable carrier on a comparable basis to the type of vehicle you intend to buy. When personal information is retrieved once a vehicle is purchased, the carrier may decide to negate a credit check as an initial enquiry has already been made.

Step 3 – Obtaining Quotes

Purchasing a policy on the internet is a viable option if motorists want to avoid a credit check. Often, most price comparison sites won’t run a check on behalf of the carrier and if you purchase a policy directly from one of these sites, there’s a good chance that your credit score won’t be an issue.

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