This is Promiga!

How many times have you sat down to look through auto insurance quotes to find that you’ve already been asked for money before you even receive your first policy offer? How often have you reached that final page after deciding on an auto insurance deal only to find the website has added hefty commissions to your premium after you’ve had to do all the hard work of finding a policy in the first place?

It all seems a little unfair, don’t you think?

We think it’s unfair as well and that’s the reason why we’ll never charge you a single penny for auto insurance quotes before or after you’ve visited our website. Obviously, your business is important to us and we’d never underestimate your value as one of our customers. However, there’s one thing that we like to earn that comes way before anything else. At Promiga, the one thing we love earning more than anything else is your trust.

Without your trust, we can’t continue supplying fantastic auto insurance quotes at unbeatable prices. We wouldn’t be able to spend our time extensively researching the auto insurance marketplace to bring the very best information. We wouldn’t be able to offer you the services of ‘A’-rated auto insurance carriers who operate through our site because we like to preserve their reputations in the same way we like to preserve our own.

This is a price comparison website with a difference. This is a price comparison website where you’ll save hundreds of dollars every year without losing half your life trying to find the right deal. This is a price comparison website that actually makes promises and then goes the extra mile to fulfill them.

This is Promiga!

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