The Truth about Free Auto Insurance Quotes

In an economic climate where every dollar counts, many consumers are looking towards saving money on their auto insurance costs. For many US residents, auto insurance coverage is one of their most expensive outgoings and great efforts are being made to change driving habits in order to secure better deals.

When consumers are looking to take out a new policy or renew an existing one, many will be tempted by the promise of free auto insurance quotes from companies who spend millions of dollars every year on expensive advertising campaigns. Unfortunately, these costs have to be recovered somewhere and usually, this is done through the application process so that losses are avoided without actually having to sell a policy.

Many auto insurance companies use telephone call centers to sell their wares. Unless the carrier uses a toll-free number, these are best avoided. Many auto insurance companies use expensive tariffs as a means of recovering money from curious applicants and this attitude is even epitomized through price comparison websites where fees and commissions are charged on many auto insurance quotes once the policy has actually been purchased.

Thankfully, it is still entirely possible to gain free auto insurance quotes. At Promiga, we never seek to make a profit from our site visitors and instead, we simply let our extensive range of policies do the talking. By operating in tandem with leading auto insurance companies who are licensed to operate in all 50 US states, we can safely say that our free auto insurance quotes really won’t cost you a dime!

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