The Possible Future of Auto Insurance Quotes in Michigan

The complexities of the political world have a major effect on all road users in Michigan and every single aspect of our lives are affected by representative government policies. The subject of auto insurance quotes, in particular, has a massive sway on the financial outgoings of most families in the Wolverine State and there are current plans to change legislation following the impact made by voters in California during 2009.

The face of Californian auto insurance quotes was changed forever when voters opted to approve a proposition that outlawed carriers from relying solely on ZIP codes when they set their auto insurance rates. In the past, the demographic structure of California led to blue collar workers having to pay more for their car insurance coverage than middle class, white collar Americans who lived in areas where crime rates were significantly lower. This was deemed to be unfair on law-abiding American families who were consistently penalized for the misdemeanors of others.

In addition, higher auto insurance rates applied in areas with large Hispanic or African American populations and these particular Californian road users felt they were being victimized on the basis of color and race. As a result, voters in California played their part in eradicating the process of providing auto insurance quotes from the use of a ZIP code and unsurprisingly, carriers continue to operate profitably.

The state of Michigan is now looking to build on these radical changes by raising 300,000 signatures supporting reforms in the way auto insurance rates are determined. These measures will see an anticipated drop of approximately 20% on all Michigan auto insurance quotes and could eventually lead to further reductions totaling a massive 40% on current car insurance rates. Changes in state law would see supposedly irrelevant factors such as credit scoring and ZIP codes prohibited and auto insurance quotes would be provided based on the personal driving history of each individual applicant.

If these reforms actually come to fruition, there will be a number of new powers given to the Insurance Commissioner and this could lead to change in the way policies are unfairly cancelled and the way premiums are actually set. This would be a great move forwards for low-income families who are currently being punished for simply living in a less privileged area.

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