The Nevada IVP Program

Motorists who continue to use their vehicles even though they have insufficient auto insurance coverage in place are becoming a growing menace on the roads and highways of Nevada. Even though Nevada state law makes liability insurance a mandatory aspect of vehicle ownership, there are still a large number of road users who prefer to flout the mandatory requirements. When uninsured or underinsured motorists are eventually involved in an at-fault road traffic accident, it is normally the innocent party who tends to suffer more on a financial basis.

To combat this growing problem, the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles has implemented the Insurance Verification Program to help identify motorists who continue to use state roads and highways without having sufficient auto insurance coverage in place. If a road user is found to be driving without the correct levels of mandatory coverage, the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles hold the power to suspend vehicle registration with immediate effect and a fine of up to $250 will be payable before it can be reinstated.

If law enforcement officers stop a vehicle and finds that the driver has failed to purchase adequate auto insurance, the license plates can be removed and the vehicle will be impounded. Any motorist who obtains auto insurance quotes will be sent a Nevada Evidence of Auto Insurance card and this should be kept in the vehicle at all times so that it can be presented during routine traffic checks or in the immediate aftermath of a road traffic accident.

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