The Importance of Carrying Proof of Alaska Auto Insurance

In many parts of Alaska, drivers are required to carry proof of auto insurance in their vehicle when it is being operated. Not only is the insurance card proof that a driver has complied with the state’s mandatory insurance law, but it has all the information required for the policyholder to report a claim after an accident.

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When a person is involved in a collision, they may be unable to provide basic information such as their name, address and name of insurance company if their injuries are severe enough. The shock of being involved in a collision may make it difficult to remember insurance details, and having this information readily available on the insurance card makes a challenging situation a bit easier.

A police officer will ask to see proof of coverage during a traffic stop, and drivers in Alaska may also be asked to show their insurance card to a representative of the Department of Public Safety.

Some parts of the state do not require drivers to register their vehicles or have liability insurance in place. The state Department of Motor Vehicles can provide residents with an up-to-date list of these areas. For maximum protection, it’s a good idea for drivers to buy liability insurance so that they are not financially responsible for paying damages after an accident even if they happen to live in an area where they are not required to buy it.

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