The Essential Auto Insurance Quotes Checklist (Part Three)

Welcome to the third part of our essential auto insurance quotes checklist. This feature will assist you in determining every vital aspect of a policy purchase to help you secure the best coverage deal at exactly the right price.

Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes

  • To ensure you are receiving an accurate comparison on your auto insurance quotes, make sure that all limits and deductibles are the same as those you have in place on your existing policy. If there are any differences, be sure to equate for these before you make a final decision
  • Once you have received auto insurance quotes that compare to your existing policy, adjust the limits and deductibles to see what differences are made. If a $500 or $1,000 deductible only makes a small change to your auto insurance rates, it may be better to keep them at your established levels to help save on out-of-pocket expenses at a later stage
  • Ensure that your auto insurance quotes are exactly that! Many carriers simply provide estimates based on minimal levels of information and these are adjusted once a full review of your driver profile has taken place
  • Although it is still perfectly feasible to use telephone call centers and land-based offices, it is much easier to compare auto insurance quotes online. Try to choose a price comparison website that only sells auto insurance. Many alternatives try to boost profits by selling multiple products or services but they rarely specialize in one particular field
  • Beware of hidden charges or commissions that aren’t incorporated into your auto insurance quotes and reject an offer immediately if a higher price is asked for once you’ve made a decision to buy

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