The Definitive Auto Insurance Plan Guide

What is auto insurance plan?

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Auto insurance plans have become an increasingly common feature in many US states over the last couple of years and they are available to motorists who cannot find adequate coverage through a traditional insurance carrier.

Who can benefit from auto insurance plan?

Some motorists may find that they are refused auto insurance when making an application for a policy. There can be several reasons for this but more often than not, a motorist will find it difficult to obtain insurance if they have DUI or DWI convictions, multiple accidents on their driving record or a particularly bad credit history. Low-income families who might not be able to afford auto insurance from a traditional company can also benefit.

What sort of coverage is provided?

In most instances, a motorist using an auto insurance plan will only receive the mandatory basic level of coverage. In most states, this will usually equate to bodily injury liability insurance and property damage cover. This helps the state to keep costs down, thus making policies affordable for everybody.

How can I apply for an auto insurance plan?

You will need to fill out the relevant paperwork and supply associated documentation to support your application. For details on how to acquire forms, it is advised that motorists contact their local Department of Motor Vehicles for further information.

Can I increase the coverage on my auto insurance plan?

Yes. Increased coverage is available although you’ll have to pay more for any add-ons. Additional coverage can include personal injury protection, insurance coverage against uninsured or underinsured motorists and collision damage cover.

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