The DE Auto Insurance Plan

Road users with a sustained history of driving offences, and those with a low income who would normally find it unaffordable, can all benefit from the DE auto insurance plan. The state-sponsored scheme has been introduced to give problem drivers an opportunity to purchase coverage and in turn, this reduces the number of uninsured and underinsured drivers using state roads and highways throughout Delaware.

The DE auto insurance plan is available from most auto insurance companies although facilities exist through the local Department of Motor Vehicles to make a purchase independently. The program has a number of distinct benefits to offer Delaware road users:

  • The DE auto insurance plan gives drivers the chance to establish a safe and responsible driving history
  • High risk drivers can find the coverage they need to be road legal without having to resort to unknown carriers who can charge up to five times more for an equivalent policy
  • Road users who use the DE auto insurance plan negate the risk of being prosecuted for repeat driving offences
  • Drivers who were previously considered uninsurable have the opportunity of finding coverage
  • Low income families who have been unable to find an affordable policy have a cost-effective option that allow them to enjoy continued vehicle use without breaking the law

The DE auto insurance plan is a similar scheme to the one that was originally implemented in California. The long-term benefits of the program include cheap auto insurance quotes through traditional carriers and an opportunity to qualify for discounts that may be currently inapplicable.

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