The Cost of a Poor Driving Record

Do you have a driving record that’s marred by accident claims, traffic violations or DUI convictions? If you continue to display a lack of regard for other road users, the chances of finding cheap auto insurance quotes are greatly reduced and in some cases, carriers may actually refuse to provide you with any coverage at all.

Once a driver reaches the point where auto insurance companies have had enough of their poor driving habits, it can be exceptionally difficult to find a coverage deal in the regular marketplace. This can often leave motorists with little choice but to use the residual market and unfortunately, these specialist companies have a reputation for providing auto insurance quotes that are notoriously expensive.

To qualify for a standard policy, road users should have no more than one or two small blemishes on their records. Some carriers will accept a DUI conviction but the chances of securing cheap auto insurance quotes are still fairly remote. The non-standard market will certainly provide other options but these will inevitably come at a price. Essentially, non-standard auto insurance policies are created for those who have four to six violations on their record and can’t find suitable coverage elsewhere.

Non-standard auto insurance quotes can be anything up to three times more expensive than a regular policy. Although this may be seen as unashamed profiteering by many, road users with a poor driving history will often have little choice and will find themselves paying increasingly large premiums if their motoring habits fail to improve.

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