The Best Auto Insurance Companies for First Time Drivers

Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes offer excellent deals for first-time drivers and every single one of our policy offers comes from A-rated carriers with a wealth of experience in dealing with fledgling motorists irrespective of their age, gender or location. By using our dedicated price comparison website, first-time drivers can secure excellent deals from any of the following auto insurance companies.


Progressive have earned an outstanding reputation for offering cheap auto insurance quotes and are one of the few that have special deals available for new motorists. By maintaining a safe driving record, Progressive will reward first-time drivers with improved auto insurance quotes in the future.


GEICO are noted for offering some of most competitively-priced online auto insurance quotes in the country and are particularly adept at dealing with road users who are looking to insure their first vehicle. GEICO offers special discounts for young drivers who have taken a state-approved defensive driving course.


Although first-time drivers usually have to pay more for auto insurance coverage, Safeco have a number of attractive deals in place. Students who maintain good academic grades are often rewarded with some excellent reductions on their auto insurance quotes.


Allstate is one of the largest auto insurance companies in the US and they have extensive experience in dealing with motorists of all types. New drivers are no exception and Allstate have a wide range of policies in place that are ideal for road users who are looking to obtain coverage for the first time.

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