The Basics of South Carolina Auto Insurance

Irrespective of the state an American citizen lives in, there will be a certain number of mandatory insurance requirements and these must be met before a motorist considers taking their vehicle out on the road. There are effectively two different insurance methods in place across the United States and these are known as the Tort system and the no-fault system. Understanding the method that a state has in place will always be helpful when it comes to obtaining car insurance quotes.

Residents of South Carolina see their insurance standards set under Tort requirements and this effectively means that all motorists have to carry liability coverage before they can legally operate a vehicle on local highways. However, motorists are always advised to study their insurance requirements carefully. In many instances, the basic levels of mandatory coverage will be insufficient for the vehicle being driven.

Motorists in South Carolina should be aware of the following obligations when comparing their auto insurance quotes. All drivers must carry a minimum of $25,000 worth of bodily injury liability per person and $50,000 worth of bodily injury liability per accident. In addition, motorists must also carry $25,000 worth of property damage liability insurance. The Tort system that operates in South Carolina means that somebody must be found at fault in a road traffic accident and any claims from third parties will be made on their insurance. There are a number of clauses applicable to the Tort system and these are consistent throughout the entire United States.

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