Text Accidents Increasing Auto Insurance Rates

The growing trend of using a cell phone to send text messages while driving is leading to a growing number of road traffic accidents and in turn, auto insurance rates are rising considerably. This is particularly so for young drivers who tend to use their mobile devices more often whilst in control of a motor vehicle.

Recent research by leading auto insurance company Allstate indicates a rise in the number of accidents caused as a result of texting and in many cases, it is innocent pedestrians who are bearing the brunt of this inconsiderate behavior. Over the recent Halloween period, a 25% increase in pedestrian casualties was recorded and the statistics are likely to result in a rise in auto insurance rates.

The distractive nature of using cell phones while driving will be prominent during the forthcoming Christmas period and motorists are being encouraged to turn off their mobile devices as soon as they get behind the wheel of their vehicles. In the meantime, many companies are reviewing their risk assessments and young drivers will be facing increasingly expensive auto insurance quotes if they fail to heed the warnings.

Accidents caused by mobile phone use are now being monitored more stringently and some auto insurance carriers are viewing text messages and calls as underlying reasons for increases in speeding tickets and distraction-related accidents. The inevitable rise in auto insurance rates will continue to pressurize high-risk drivers on a financial basis and carriers hope their warnings will be heeded so that injuries and fatalities can be reduced.

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