Ten Top Tips to Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes

Want cheap auto insurance quotes? Follow these top ten tips to save yourself cash on your next policy purchase!

Obtain Multiple Quotes – By obtaining a series of auto insurance quotes, it’s easier to differentiate between the quality of coverage being offered and the premium attached to the policy.

Evaluate your Auto Insurance Rates – Your auto insurance rates will be affected by the vehicle you drive. If you are considering purchasing a new model, opt for a vehicle that will attract a lower premium.

Opt for Higher Deductibles – Your deductible figure is instrumental to cheap auto insurance quotes. Always aim high as long as you can afford any subsequent out-of-pocket expenses after an accident.

Avoid Excessive Coverage – If your vehicle is worth less than 10 times the amount of your annual coverage, avoid collision coverage and comprehensive insurance to obtain cheap auto insurance quotes.

Control your Credit Rating – Paying your financial commitments on time will present you as a safer risk and lower your auto insurance rates.

Restrict your Mileage – Reducing your estimated mileage can be instrumental in obtaining lower auto insurance premiums.

Consider Group Insurance – Companies and organizations can enroll for group auto insurance plans that bring cheaper auto insurance rates for employees and members.

Obtain Discounts –Build an understanding of the way auto insurance discounts work and make sure you ask your insurer to apply them.

Avoid Coverage Lapses – Maintaining a constant period of auto insurance coverage will make you eligible for additional reductions on your policy.

Pay in a Single Lump Sum – Monthly installments attract interest rates so lower your auto insurance costs by paying for your policy in a single lump sum.

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