Temporary California Auto Insurance

If you live in California and are planning to travel to Mexico or you reside in Mexico and you want to spend time in sunny CA, do you need to arrange temporary car insurance? Visitors will want to be sure they have adequate car insurance before starting their trip.

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Buying a standard auto insurance policy for your time in California is probably not the best choice, unless you will be in the country for an extended stay. Most car insurance companies only offer coverage for six or 12 months at a time.

If you need to arrange for temporary car insurance coverage in California, an insurance company offering border car insurance will be able to get you the protection you need. Once the policy has been issued, you have coverage for when you travel from California to Mexico. Mexican drivers who go to California are also protected.

Before buying a specific border car insurance policy, it’s a good idea to check with your current car insurance provider to see whether you are covered when you drive your car out of the country. If you do have coverage, ask about the policy limits if you are involved in an accident. The answer to this question will help you determine whether you need to invest in a separate policy. If you decide to buy a border car policy, be sure to get quotes from different providers to make sure you are getting the best possible price.

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