Temporary Auto Insurance in the UK

The United Kingdom is made up of four different countries with England being by far the largest. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland make up the numbers although these are considerably smaller in size. The UK boasts tourism as one of its leading sources of income and those that use hire vehicles often purchase temporary auto insurance once they arrive in the country and a suitable vehicle has been found.

Temporary auto insurance quotes are remarkably easy to come by and are frequently found on UK price comparison websites. By inputting a few basic details, visitors to the UK can review a wide range of different auto insurance quotes that provide varying levels of coverage. Protection can be provided for any period of time ranging from a single day to a full year. However, auto insurance rates will drop slightly if a longer period of coverage is purchased.

Temporary auto insurance quotes are not exclusively provided for overseas visitors. Indeed, many UK residents purchase short-term policies if they are holidaying in the country in a hire car themselves or if they are leasing a vehicle for a short period of time for house moves. If a regular vehicle is off the road for repairs, it is also possible to purchase temporary auto insurance for courtesy cars.

When temporary auto insurance is required, it is advisable to carry all documentation in the vehicle in case an accident occurs. However, this is not a legal obligation and if the police carry out routine checks on a hired vehicle, temporary auto insurance certification can be presented at any designated police station within a five day period.

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