Mississippi | USA

Is Mississippi a No-fault Car Insurance State?

Mississippi is not a no-fault state for car insurance purposes. When an accident occurs, an investigation is conducted to determine which driver was responsible for the accident. The at-fault driver is responsible for paying for the damages he or she caused. People who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents have the right to sue…


Ontario No-fault Car Insurance Overview

Ontario has adopted a no-fault system for its car insurance. The term “no-fault” doesn’t mean that a person who causes an accident is not considered responsible for it; instead, it means that people who are injured in an accident get compensated by their own car insurance company. The individual’s own insurance company also looks after…


Mandatory Saskatchewan Car Insurance Coverage

Residents of Saskatchewan are required to buy a minimum level of car insurance coverage. Unlike people living in many other areas. they don’t have a choice in where to get it. Since 1945, mandatory coverage for drivers has been provided by the Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), and consumers must buy their coverage from that company….

Massachusetts | USA

Is Massachusetts a No-fault Car Insurance State?

Massachusetts is a no-fault state for car insurance. When a car accident occurs, the at-fault driver (and his or her insurance company) are not held responsible for paying for personal injuries and damage caused to the other driver’s vehicle. Instead, each person submits a claim to his or her own insurance company for payment. The…