The Complete Guide to Michigan Auto Insurance and PIP

The state of Michigan currently uses the no-fault auto insurance system that sees road users claiming from their own policies in the event of a road traffic accident. Driving without sufficient auto insurance coverage in place is an offence, and vehicle owners must be able to provide proof of a valid policy before the Michigan … Read more

The Biggest-Ever Guide to Auto Insurance in New York

New York City is home to almost 20 million inhabitants, and is currently the third most densely populated area in the country. These statistics equate to a massive number of road users and offers some explanation regarding the high auto insurance rates applied throughout the state. Auto insurance is a legal obligation in New York, … Read more

The Biggest and Best Illinois Auto Insurance Advice Checklist

Auto insurance protects the policyholder from any losses incurred as the result of a road traffic accident. Financial responsibilities can vary greatly after an accident but the most common liabilities are damage to property and physical injury to third party drivers. Liability auto insurance in Illinois is set at $20,000 worth of bodily injury liability … Read more

Texas Auto Insurance and How to Find the Best Possible Quotes

Road users in Texas can find cheap auto insurance quotes more easily if they can familiarize themselves with state laws, the mandatory levels of coverage required and the best places to seek out a preferential deal. When all of these factors are combined and put to use effectively, low-cost auto insurance rates can be assured. … Read more

Everything you Need to Know about Pennsylvania Auto Insurance

Vehicle owners in Pennsylvania have a legal obligation to purchase auto insurance. As a responsible road user, it is vitally important to develop a thorough understanding of the way auto insurance affects all parties involved in a road traffic accident. Naturally, levels of coverage will be directly influenced by the needs of the individual but … Read more

Young Drivers and UK Car Insurance Rates

Recent legislation enforced by the European Court of Justice means that there will no longer be a significant difference in policy prices between men and women. However, young drivers will still be penalised with expensive car insurance rates because of the damning accident statistics that relate to teenage driving. Young drivers in the UK do … Read more

Why Do UK Drivers use Price Comparison Websites?

Take a look through the typical British High Street, and it’s not too difficult to see some of the major changes that have happened over the past 10 to 15 years. Economic crisis, consumer spending habits and changing customer demands have seen many traditional shopping outlets closing for good. One of the most notable absentees … Read more

Undercovered Costs on your UK Car Insurance (Part Two)

Monthly Premium Interest Some road users find that it’s more convenient to pay for their annual premiums by monthly direct debit, especially if a car insurance package is expensive to begin with. Some car insurance companies offer free monthly payments and never charge any interest for direct debit facilities. However, others carriers can charge out … Read more

Undercovered Costs on your UK Car Insurance (Part One) (250 Words)

Many motorists believe it’s easier to choose car insurance based on a factor of price. They use Internet comparison websites to see which company offers the lowest premium for their personal circumstances, make a payment then sit back to enjoy compete peace of mind while thinking about how they are going to spend that lovely … Read more

Uninsured Motorists in the UK

Uninsured motorists are growing in number and are fast becoming one of the biggest menaces on UK roads systems. As well as carrying no form of financial liability when they are involved in road traffic accidents, uninsured motorists are also responsible for rising car insurance rates. Because car insurance is a legal obligation throughout the … Read more

UK Drivers – Are you Road Legal?

Although the basics of UK car insurance have remained unchanged for many years, many road users still find themselves in a state of confusion when it comes to buying a policy for the first time. Exactly what type of car insurance should a new road user buy, and how will the wrong policy purchase affect … Read more

UK Car Insurance for the Over 50’s

Road users over the age of 50 can pick up some excellent car insurance deals and there are a number of different ways in which they can be found. Many motorists, irrespective of age, like to use price comparison sites for purchasing car insurance in the UK. By checking through the extensive range of policies … Read more

UK Car Insurance Blackspots (Part Two)

National Figures Rural areas usually enjoy cheaper car insurance than major towns and cities. Even if you live in a small town with below-average levels of vehicle crime, your premiums can still be expensive if the rate and value of accident claims within your locale continue to increase. So where do UK motorists pay the most for car … Read more

UK Car Insurance Blackspots (Part One)

Let’s look at the tale of two motorists, John and Will, who are both 24 years of age with identical driving histories. They work in the same job, cover approximately 10,000 miles a year in terms of mileage and have passed their advanced Pass Plus driving examinations. John and Will are yet to be married, … Read more

UK Car Insurance and the Laws in Scotland

UK car insurance laws are not unique to England. Because they are part of the United Kingdom, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland also have to abide by the same car insurance legislation. It is a legal obligation for all road users to carry a valid auto insurance policy whenever they take a vehicle onto UK … Read more

UK Car Insurance and the Effects of Bad Driving

Road users in the United Kingdom are heavily penalised for driving infractions. As well as facing a growing number of stiff penalty fines when they are stopped by the police, most offenders are subsequently punished when they next purchase car insurance. Conviction on a UK driving licence can be instigated for any number of reasons … Read more

UK Car Insurance and Gender Assessments: What are the Changes? (Part Three)

UK Car Insurance and Gender Assessments: What are the Changes? (Part Two)

What Changes Does This Make for Car Insurance Companies? Car insurance has been an ongoing point of contention because of premium fluctuations between the two genders. Statistics show that women make less expensive car insurance claims than their male counterparts. What many people fail to realise is that the different premiums applied to males and … Read more

UK Car Insurance and Gender Assessments: What are the Changes? (Part One)

A new ruling by the European Court of Justice means that UK car insurance companies will no longer be allowed to use gender as an influencing factor when selling auto insurance premiums. Application details given by both sexes are going to be assessed in the same way and when this data is identical, applicants will … Read more

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Northern Ireland Car Insurance (Part Two)

Vehicle Features Consider adding extra security features to your vehicle as this can also drive down the cost of your car insurance premiums. You could consider the addition of an aftermarket immobiliser, security-etched windows or the latest GPS tracking device. Additional security features deter thieves as the car is more difficult to break into, and … Read more