California Auto Insurance Requirement

If you’re a road user in California, you may be wondering what the minimum California auto insurance requirement is. All vehicle owners throughout the state are legally bound to carry a policy, and proof of auto insurance should be available at all time for presentation to a law enforcement officer after accidents or during routine … Read more

California Auto Insurance Rates

Are you paying too much for your California auto insurance rates? The amount you pay for your annual cover is influenced by a series of different factors and in many cases, you can actually influence the criteria to bring down the cost of your auto insurance. Are you living in an urban area with high … Read more

California Auto Insurance Quote Dealer

So who exactly are Promiga? Promiga are your number one California auto insurance quote dealer, and have extensive industry experience to help you find the perfect cover for your vehicles. As we’ve grown, our ongoing reputation for excellence of service is only surpassed by the incredible online auto insurance quotes that we supply. As a … Read more

Understanding Basic California Auto Insurance Laws

California auto insurance law requires road users to carry a predefined minimum level of coverage. Failure to do so can result in the loss of vehicle registration, driving privileges and, in some cases, the vehicle itself. California has an ongoing problem with the number of uninsured and underinsured motorists using state roads and highways. Legislation … Read more

California Auto Insurance Company Ratings

If you’ve been a Promiga customer in the past, you will already be aware of the fact that we only deal with premium quality providers that enjoy the highest California auto insurance company ratings. We are insurance professionals and we never believe in settling for anything other than the best. In turn, we apply these … Read more

Best California Auto Insurance

If you are a road user looking for the best California auto insurance that your money can buy, why not take a visit to the Promiga website to see what our exclusive range of premium rated carriers can do for you? Since our introduction to the Internet many years ago, we have continued to build … Read more

Auto Insurance Rates in California

There are many different factors that influence auto insurance rates in California. Some of them are difficult to negotiate and we have to accept that we have no control over them. However, there are some factors that we do have control over and when we take positive action to improve those factors in our favor, … Read more

Auto Insurance Jobs in California

I’m a lucky man, and I know I’m a lucky man. Why? Because I got one of the best auto insurance jobs in California. What makes me say that? The answer is simple. I get to deal with people like you every day and that’s what makes my job so worthwhile. By doing what I … Read more

Auto Insurance Fraud in California

In the last three years, there has been a massive 9% increase of cases relating to auto insurance fraud in California. These figures, released by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), make alarming reading for road users throughout the state. Amongst the most concerning examples of auto insurance fraud in California is the number of … Read more

Auto Insurance Company in California

If you’re looking for an auto insurance company in California but don’t know where to start, why not choose from our extensive list of ‘A’ rated providers at Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes? At Promiga, we put you direct contact with some of the biggest names to grace the industry and because we only deal with … Read more

Really, really cheap auto insurance in California

Everybody else seems to be getting what you aren’t, huh? Hotter dates. Better Jobs. They’re even getting better deals on their auto insurance! Sure! We know it’s really unfair, and there’s not much we can do to get you a better looking partner or a pay rise. What we can do is show you how … Read more

No Fault Auto Insurance in California

In California, no fault auto insurance laws are applied and this means road users have to cover their own financial responsibilities instead of purchasing policies that cover their third-party liabilities. Unlike the laws that are used in Tort states, California no fault auto insurance sees policyholders claiming from their own carriers in the event of … Read more

Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements in California

As with most other US states, there are also requirements for minimum auto insurance in California. To legally drive on CA roads and highways, a valid policy must be in place and proof of coverage must be kept in the vehicle at all times. Proof will be required if you are involved in a road … Read more

Low Rate California Auto Insurance

Finding low rate auto insurance in California can be something of a challenge, but adopting a sensible approach to the way insurers underwrite their policies might just help in finding you the perfect deal. As with any other types of protection, low rate auto insurance in California can only be secured if you present yourself … Read more

California Auto Insurance for Low Income Drivers

At Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes, we understand that times are hard. That why we always endeavor to give the best money-saving advice, and we’ve got great news for road users in California. Low income auto insurance in California is available through the CA Low-Cost auto Insurance Program. The scheme invites low income drivers to complete … Read more

Low Cost California Auto Insurance

Low cost California auto insurance is a vital requirement for road users who already feel they’re paying over the odds for an annual premium. Unfortunately, the increasing cost of accident repairs, and the rate of accidents by themselves, leads to auto insurance companies increasing their rates on an annual basis. Thankfully, low cost California auto … Read more

How to Get a Free California Auto Insurance Quote

Is there really such a thing as a free California auto insurance quote, or are these pie-in-the-sky promises from unscrupulous companies and price comparison websites nothing more than a scheme to lure you in before parting you from your hard-earned cash? In many instances, that’s exactly what happens! However, Promiga are just that little bit … Read more

Discount Auto Insurance in California

The rising cost of auto insurance has seen a growing number of road users in California researching the marketplace more carefully. Over the longer term, a better understanding of the market helps to secure discount California auto insurance more easily. How can motorists find out about discounts, and how are they applied? At Promiga, we … Read more

How to Compare California Auto Insurance

Even when you’ve found a website that offers as many low-cost policy deals as Promiga, it’s still vitally important to understand how to compare California auto insurance quotes before you finally take the plunge and make a purchase. By knowing how to review policies effectively, you could end up saving yourself even more money while … Read more

The Cheapest Auto Insurance in California

California has some of the highest auto insurance rates throughout the US, and sourcing the perfect coverage deal is becoming harder than ever. To find the cheapest auto insurance in California, road users are having to pay increased attention to factors that influence the price of a policy. There are a number of areas where … Read more