Hail Damage Shows The Value of Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Last year, the number of hail damage claims rose considerably compared to the previous three years, according to the Highway Loss Data Institute. Claim payments reached a high of $797 million in 2011. This finding highlights the importance of having good comprehensive auto insurance, especially if you live in areas that are ravaged by storms….

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How Shopping Around Can Save You Money On Your Auto Insurance

You’ve probably seen the commercials and heard people tell you to “shop around” for auto insurance. This sound advice could save you hundreds — if not thousands — on your premium. It’s recommended that you get at least three quotes. If you want to save even more, get six quotes. A 2004 Progressive Insurance survey…

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Perks of Marriage: Cheap Auto Insurance

There are many financial perks of marriage — lower taxes, access to employer benefits, better health insurance rates, and lower auto insurance premiums too. Most companies offer some type of discount for married drivers, although some companies may also offer cheap insurance for people who live together. States like California, Washington, Oregon and Illinois recognize “domestic…

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Telematics Auto Insurance: What Does This New Technology Mean For The Future?

In George Orwell’s 1984, all daily activities were overseen by a seemingly omnipotent being known as “Big Brother.” Telematics auto insurance seems like one step closer to “Big Brother” watching over us. Yet, on the other hand, telematics may also be the key to reducing the number of car crashes and also reducing our auto insurance…

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News: Auto Insurance Companies Raise Rates In Illinois

Allstate Corp. plans to raise car insurance rates for Illinois drivers by 3 to 5 percent, according to company filings with the Illinois Department of Insurance. New rates will go into effect May 17th. According to the company, this decision reverses the “hometown discount” advertised since 2009. They added that the size of the increase will depend upon how…


New York Department of Motor Vehicles Guide To Auto Insurance

The average cost of auto insurance in New York state is $1,431 — which is #23 in state rankings — according to Insure’s annual survey. Yet, you can get below-average premiums just by shopping around for free New York auto insurance quotes on our site. That being said, you want to make sure you know the…


Driving With Pets: What Your Auto Insurance Covers

Colorado motorist Marcia Pinkstaff was horrified to hear that her 9-year-old lab mix was “totaled” and declared “a complete loss” by her auto insurance company. “I don’t see how you could total out a family pet,” she told Channel 7 Denver. Yet, when her dog was struck by a mini-van  — injuring her lungs, liver…

Total Loss Accident: What Will My Auto Insurance Cover?

You’re driving down a snowy road in your 2008 Chevy Cobalt, when suddenly, your car slides out of control and into a telephone pole! Now what? Your first feeling may be that you’re lucky to be uninjured, yet devastated over the smashed-up state of your vehicle! Knowing what your auto insurance will cover can remove…

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How To Fight A Speeding Ticket With Your Auto Insurance Company

“How will this ticket affect my auto insurance?“ This is one of the first thoughts that will go through your mind after a traffic infraction, especially as you begin to think about how much a moment of carelessness will end up costing you. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer as to how much your auto…

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Why And How To Cancel Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is a competitive market, so buyers definitely have the upper hand. If you’re not 100 percent satisfied with your provider’s customer service or rates, you are always entitled to cancel auto insurance coverage and sign with a new company. You do not have to wait until renewal time to switch either: you may…

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