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Choosing The Right Auto Insurance Deductible

What deductible would you like — $250, $500, $1,000, $1,500? You’ll notice that is one of the questions we ask you when you’re looking up a free auto insurance quote online. Your answer to this question could save you as much as 40 percent, according to the Insurance Information Institute. By assuming more risk, you stand to…

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Theft Drives Up Auto Insurance Rates in Washington State

Washington state is a hotbed for auto thefts, according to National Insurance Crime Bureau statistics. Even though there has been a 1.6 percent decline in auto thefts since last year, Spokane is still fourth-highest in the nation for auto theft rates again. Yakima jumped five places from the 10th spot to the 5th. The Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue…

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5 Reasons To Shop Around For Auto Insurance

Everyone is looking to save money these days. Taking just a few moments can save you hundreds — if not thousands — on your auto insurance policy. Here are five situations where shopping around for the best rates online is wise. You Just Got Married. In all your excitement about the Big Day and your Honeymoon,…

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Hail Damage Shows The Value of Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Last year, the number of hail damage claims rose considerably compared to the previous three years, according to the Highway Loss Data Institute. Claim payments reached a high of $797 million in 2011. This finding highlights the importance of having good comprehensive auto insurance, especially if you live in areas that are ravaged by storms….

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Can Your Smartphone Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium?

We recently reported that auto insurance companies would be relying on driver data to determine how much to charge you for your premium. Yet, in the past, it could be a real hassle — requiring the installation of a special box in your car. Now State Farm and Ford are teaming up to turn your smartphone…

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How Shopping Around Can Save You Money On Your Auto Insurance

You’ve probably seen the commercials and heard people tell you to “shop around” for auto insurance. This sound advice could save you hundreds — if not thousands — on your premium. It’s recommended that you get at least three quotes. If you want to save even more, get six quotes. A 2004 Progressive Insurance survey…

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7 Most Common Auto Insurance Claims & What They Cost

Learning about the most common auto insurance claims can save you money. Since auto insurance premiums are based on the total pool of drivers and all the claims filed with a particular company, rates can vary dramatically from provider to provider — but can also be lowered if each driver takes precautions against the risks….

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Most & Least Expensive Cars For Auto Insurance 2012

Your auto insurance premium depends upon many different factors, including the type of vehicle you choose to drive. It’s no surprise that a fast, flashy, expensive sports car would cost more to insure than a hand-me-down station wagon. However, there are other cars that people may not expect on the list too — like a BMW Hybrid….

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Where is the Best Place to Get an Auto Insurance Quote

Consumers who want to get the best rates on their coverage will be wondering about where to find the best place to get an auto insurance quote. People who are looking for pricing for auto insurance coverage can get the information they need quickly and easily by going online. Consumers who want to shop for…