What Does Full Coverage Auto Insurance Mean

Full auto insurance coverage is a term which can be used to describe a situation where the vehicle owner’s policy includes physical damage protection (collision and comprehensive) as well as the minimum liability insurance requirements mandated by the state where he or she lives. In a situation where a vehicle owner took out a loan … Read more

What is Gap Auto Insurance Coverage

Gap auto insurance coverage is put in place to pay the difference between the amount you owe on your car and its cash value. Some gap policies will also pay your collision or comprehensive policy deductible. If your car is totaled as the result of a collision, fire, flooding, falling objects or theft, the insurance … Read more

How Do I Change Auto Insurance Companies

Customers can change auto insurance companies at any time they wish. The easiest way to move to a different provider is when your current auto insurance term expires. You can also switch companies while your current coverage is in effect by notifying the auto insurance provider that you would like your coverage canceled as of … Read more

Do I Need to Buy Auto Insurance for an Occasional Driver in My Household

You need to buy auto insurance for an occasional driver in your household, even if he or she only operates your vehicle on an infrequent basis. Insurance companies offer better rates for occasional and student drivers. Adding other members of the household to a policy is not difficult, and doing so will ensure that everyone … Read more

Will My Auto Insurance Policy Cover Visiting Relatives

You can arrange to have your auto insurance policy cover visiting relatives if you wish. If you want to lend your car to a visitor, contact your auto insurance provider to have any licensed drivers added to your policy. Keep in mind that when you decide to lend your car to another driver, you are … Read more

Can I Buy Auto Insurance Coverage for Another Person’s Vehicle

You can buy auto insurance coverage for another person’s vehicle if you wish. You need to have the owner’s permission to do so, and the owner must benefit from the arrangement. If a person will be driving someone else’s vehicle for an extended time, he or she may wish to purchase a non-owner auto insurance … Read more

Is Anyone who Drives a Car Covered Under the Owner’s Auto Insurance Policy

Drivers who are thinking of lending their car to someone may be wondering if anyone who drives it is covered under the existing auto insurance policy. The insurance is attached to the vehicle, not the driver. If the owner gives his or her permission to another person to drive it, the insurance coverage extends to … Read more

How Much Will My Auto Insurance Company Pay if My Car is Totalled

The question of how much an auto insurance company will pay when a car is totalled in an accident is a common one. The amount the company will pay out is based on the car’s cash value. This amount is not the same as how much it would cost to replace the car or what … Read more

What Type of Auto Insurance is Best for a Fully Paid Off Car

If a vehicle owner takes out a loan to pay for his or her purchase, the lender will likely require that full coverage (collision and comprehensive insurance) be kept in place until it has been paid off in full. All drivers must have liability insurance in place to comply with state laws, whether the vehicle … Read more

How Do I Get Auto Insurance When Moving to a New State

How to get auto insurance when moving to a new state is something which anyone planning to relocate may be wondering about. Looking after your auto insurance needs is an essential part of moving but you will need to get to your new home before you can officially arrange for coverage in your new state. … Read more

What is Collision and Comprehensive Auto Insurance

A number of drivers are wondering about the difference between collision and comprehensive auto insurance coverage. Both types of insurance protect the vehicle from physical damage but each type of coverage pays out for different types of losses. If you take out a loan to finance the purchase of your car, you will probably need … Read more

How Can I Find Affordable High-risk Auto Insurance Coverage

Finding affordable high risk auto insurance coverage can be challenging. If you have been classified in this category, you still have options, though. Making a point of getting quotes from different providers before buying a policy is a good strategy for all auto insurance buyers, but in the case of non-standard coverage it is even … Read more

Can I Negotiate with My Auto Insurance Company to get a Lower Rate

Drivers who have received a renewal notice from their auto insurance provider may be wondering if they can negotiate with the company to get better coverage rates. Unfortunately, an insurance company is not an entity that you can bargain with to get lower rates. Consumers do have the option to shop around to try to … Read more

What Does Full Coverage Auto Insurance Cover

If you have full coverage auto insurance, it means that your car is protected from physical damage. This type of protection doesn’t extend to the contents of your vehicle unless you have a rider which covers specific items, such as equipment, that you are transporting in your vehicle. If your personal property located in your … Read more

How Will Buying a Car Affect My Insurance Premium

Auto insurance companies consider a number of factors when determining whether to offer to insure you as a driver and how much to charge for coverage. Each company determines how much weight to give to individual factors, but you can probably expect that the insurance company will look at the following when making this determination: … Read more

Should I Buy My Home and Auto Insurance Coverage from the Same Company

Buying your home and auto insurance coverage from the same company makes good sense. Many insurance companies offer a multi-policy discount to customers, which means that you will be able to save money on the cost on your auto and homeowners’ plans. You will also find it more convenient to deal with a single provider … Read more

How Much Auto Insurance Do I Need if I Own a Home

On the face of it, some drivers may be wondering what trying to figure out how much auto insurance to buy has to do with owning a home. It makes sense if you remember that the reason for buying auto insurance coverage is to protect yourself from being personally responsible for paying for the damage … Read more

Can I Reinstate My Auto Insurance Coverage After Cancellation

The question of whether a driver can reinstate an auto insurance policy after canceling the coverage is one that a number of people may be wondering about. Once a policyholder has instructed his or her insurance company to cancel the policy, the insurer will follow the instructions. If the driver’s need change at a later … Read more

How Does Auto Insurance Work if I Lend My Car on a Long Term Basis

Car insurance coverage follows the vehicle, not the person driving it. As long as the person driving your car does so with your permission, you are allowing him or her to borrow your insurance coverage as well. If you are thinking of allowing someone to drive your car on a long-term basis, you can add … Read more

How Can I Find Affordable Car Insurance Coverage

Consumers who are feeling the financial pinch are looking for ways to keep costs down and finding affordable car insurance coverage is one way to balance the family budget. Here are some effective strategies for finding low-cost car insurance coverage which can help you save on this necessary expense: Educate Yourself About Auto Insurance Coverage … Read more