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Speed Cameras Responsible for Rising UK Car Insurance Costs

Recent research carried out by the LV Group has supported a strong link between the presence of speed cameras and rising car insurance costs. In an independent survey, more than 80% of those questioned admitted to abnormal driving habits whenever they were within range of the notorious ‘Yellow Perils’. Sudden braking, watching the odometer and over-cautious driving were all cited as examples of infrequent road behaviour and in many instances, the behaviour of motorists where speed cameras are present as either led to an accident or a series of near-misses.

Somewhat amazingly, the LV Group claims that up to 28,000 accidents have been caused by speed cameras since 2001 and approximately one in three surveyed said they had been involved in incidents of note. Naturally, any accidents resulting from the presence of speed cameras will lead to a hike in car insurance rates for the at-fault driver.

Although speed cameras have been a common enemy for the UK driver for more than 20 years, feedback still suggests that they actually tend to cause more problems than they actually solve. In Oxfordshire recently, police traffic officers have publicly stated that their speed cameras are now too expensive to operate and process. They intend to withdraw speed cameras from operation with immediate effect.

To help keep car insurance costs under control, UK motorists are advised to adopt a safe attitude to driving at all times. If speed limits are consistently adhered to, there will be less of a chance of having to take evasive action when a speed camera is in sight and this should lead to a significant decrease in the number of related accidents.

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