South Dakota Car Insurance Discounts

Drivers in South Dakota may be entitled to one or more discounts on the cost of their coverage. When asking for a car insurance quote, it pays to ask about what kinds of discounts the company offers to see if any of them apply.

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For instance, a customer who drives a gas/electric hybrid vehicle may be entitled to a break on the cost of his or her insurance coverage. Vehicles that are outfitted with airbags and a passive restraint system may qualify their owners for preferred pricing. Some insurers offer a discount on insurance pricing to customers who drive a vehicle outfitted with anti-lock brakes or an Electronic Stability Control system.

Being a member of a professional or trade association is another way to get better pricing on car insurance. Students who keep their grades up can also quality for a discount. They will likely need to maintain at least at B average to get this price break. If the student will be away at school for part of the year and not driving the car during that time, let the insurance company know so that this can be considered when determining pricing.

Customers who pay their annual premium in full may receive a significant discount of up to 20 percent from some insurance providers. Others may offer discounted pricing for customers who set up an automatic withdrawal for their payments.

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