South Carolina Motorcycle Insurance Minimum Requirements

Residents of South Carolina are required to have liability insurance on a motorcycle, since it is classified in the same manner as a car is. The minimum level of coverage required for a bike is $25,000 in bodily injury liability protection to pay for the injuries sustained by a single person in a car accident and $50,000 to cover injuries of multiple victims – no matter how many people were injured.

Along with the bodily injury liability requirement, motorcycle owners in South Carolina must also buy at least $25,000 in property damage coverage. This pays for the cost of repairing the other vehicle involved in the accident, as well as any objects, such as fences, mailboxes, and sign posts that were damaged in the accident.

These mandatory insurance requirements only provide protection to the other driver and his or her passengers if an accident occurs. A motorcycle owner may want to consider buying collision coverage to protect against damage caused to the bike by striking another object.

Comprehensive coverage, that protects against other perils not covered by collision insurance is also available. This part of the policy pays out if the bike is damaged by hail, a flood or striking an animal. It also pays if the bike is stolen.

Before buying South Carolina motorcycle insurance coverage, an owner should shop around for coverage and compare rates from a number of insurance companies offering this type of protection.