Small Business Car Insurance Discounts

Understanding the operating procedures of auto insurance companies can be an excellent way of securing the best possible deals for small business car insurance. Although many companies are now taking advantage of group insurance plans and a number of other special terms, there are also a number of further considerations that small business owners should be aware of if they want to obtain the best discounts possible.

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Customer loyalty is frequently rewarded with competitive pricing so if small businesses use just a single company for all of their insurance needs, the chances are that a bulk purchase discount will be applied. The more policies that are taken out with an individual company, the higher the discounts will be.

Secure car discounts are another avenue of obtaining great auto insurance prices. Companies that provide secured overnight storage of their fleet can see premiums cut dramatically. If vehicles are taken home by members of staff, discounts can still be applied if the vehicle is fitted with anti-theft devices. It is also prudent to make sure employees empty the vehicle of tools or stock overnight as this will also help to achieve further discounts.

If companies only hire employees with a clean driving record, insurance carriers will often reward them with a driver education discount. Some companies now insist on sending employees on safe driving courses as a means of improving their road safety awareness and certification to prove the credentials of staff members will usually result in significantly lower small business car insurance discounts.

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