Slashing Young Driver Auto Insurance in New York

Motorists in New York are subject to some of the highest auto insurance rates to be found in the entire country. During the first half of 2010, the average auto insurance policy came in at $2,289. When compared to the national average of $1,577, it’s fairly easy to see how heavily penalized New York drivers are because of the densely populated area that they live in.

Young drivers, in turn, are subject to even higher auto insurance rates because of the increased likelihood of being involved in a road traffic accident. However, cheap auto insurance quotes can still be obtained if teenage motorists are prepared to alter their habits in an effort to reduce premiums.

First and foremost, young drivers should apply themselves to schoolwork in a conscientious manner. There are a number of student discounts available irrespective of whether studies are taking place at school, college or at home. By maintain a good average grade throughout the most recent semester, the chances of finding cheap auto insurance rates are significantly increased.

As well as establishing a safe approach to vehicle use, an advanced driving course can have a massive effect on auto insurance quotes. Auto insurance carriers see attendance as a sign of responsibility and this is rewarded with an extra range of discounts that can slash auto insurance quotes dramatically.

Another significant measure in the fight against high auto insurance rates is selecting the right type of vehicle to drive. Although sporty models with high performance engines might carry a certain amount of kudos amongst friends, they won’t be nearly as popular with most auto insurance carriers. Sticking to a cheaper, older model with a low engine capacity is likely to result in cheaper auto insurance quotes.

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