Short Term Auto Insurance in California

There are many reasons why road users might require short term auto insurance in California. You may be hiring or leasing a car for a limited period of time, using a special vehicle to move house and transport personal belongings, or you might be a motorist who’s only going to be driving in California for a few days, but don’t have the necessary extensions on your current auto insurance deal to do so legally.

Short term auto insurance in California is widely available from most providers, but can be purchased more easily through Promiga’s dedicated website. By inputting your requirements into our easy-to-use site software, you’ll be able to review a wide range of policy offers from reputable companies who can meet your requirements with ease.

Even when short term auto insurance in California is purchased, road users are still obliged to carry the minimum mandatory levels of 15/30/5 coverage. Failure to do so can lead to driving suspensions even if you live outside the state, and your car will be removed from the roadside if it isn’t adequately protected by a valid policy.

As with any other form of coverage, short term auto insurance in California can be enhanced to include other key features. It is highly recommended that uninsured and underinsured motorist protection is purchased, and short term comprehensive and collision damage add-ons should be considered if you are insuring a hired vehicle yourself. Promiga always advise their customers to talk to a preferred insurer at length to make sure they’re purchasing the best California short term auto insurance possible.


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