Saving Time on your Online Motor Insurance Application

The vast number of different insurance options available on the internet can make the purchase of a policy an unnecessarily drawn-out affair. However, knowing the best places to shop and having the right information to hand can save time and frustration for many motorists irrespective of the type of vehicle being insured.

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Price Comparison Websites

Price comparison websites are one of the most popular ways of obtaining motor insurance quickly. By inputting a small amount of information about the driver and the vehicle, the site will automatically generate a suitable policy from a wide number of different insurers. This allows for a fast, easy comparison before a policy is decided upon.

Insurance Companies

Most major insurance companies now have their own standalone websites although many also operate on price comparison websites as well. These facilities operate in the same many as price comparison sites but only offer policies from the insurance carrier associated with the sit itself.


Nothing can lose you time on an insurance application than not having the right information to hand. Many owners will not be aware of the specifics of their vehicle so it is always helpful to have the log book to hand when dealing with any insurer. Details relating to expired policies should also be available, especially as most carriers now allow drivers to transfer any accumulated no claims bonus from one company to another.

Call Centers

Although call centers don’t offer as much scope as websites, the fact that motorists are dealing with highly trained staff can wipe a significant amount of time off of an insurance application. Once again, having the right information available will be helpful under these circumstances.

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