Saving Money on your Car Insurance Quotes in Florida

Saving Money On Car Insurance In Florida

The spiraling cost of auto insurance has made consumers more conscientious when it comes to obtaining car insurance quotes. Residents of Florida typically pay several hundred dollars more per individual for auto insurance each year than the average American citizen. However, many motorists in the Sunshine State are using proven methods to help reduce the cost of coverage and these can be applied easily by most motorists so that savings can be assured.

Shopping Around

Impatience can be one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to getting an auto insurance quote. Because consumers are so conditioned to making fast purchases, many competitively-priced policies tend to go unnoticed. Often, a motorist may not look into an extensive number of car insurance quotes because they may feel that value-for-money policies are out of their reach. This is especially true for young drivers or those with a less-than-perfect driving history.

In truth, it’s probably easier than ever before for high-risk drivers to find cheaper auto insurance quotes. Price comparison websites offer excellent deals for motorists of all types and even companies that are notoriously expensive will offer lower premiums because they are setting terms and prices on a head-to-head basis with other insurers.

The ease with which price comparison websites can be used makes them an ideal option for sourcing multiple auto insurance quotes. By providing a few personal details and some information about the vehicle itself, a significant number of potential policies can be viewed simultaneously. This makes it easier for the consumer to differentiate between the terms and conditions being offered in car insurance quotes as well as comparing respective premiums

Shopping around doesn’t have to be restricted to price comparison websites. Multiple auto insurance quotes can be obtained from brokers, agents or the standalone websites of most insurance carriers and it is highly advised that all of these avenues are exhausted before the final decision on a policy is made.


By shopping conscientiously and making a few minor changes to their driving habits, motorists can usually find cheaper car insurance quotes because of the multitude of discounts that carriers apply. Although eligibility and discount rates will vary from insurer to insurer, there are a number of reductions that are commonly applied by most companies.

Perhaps the most common of these is the discount applied for maintaining a safe and accident-free driving history. This can lead to significantly lower auto insurance quotes and even one or two traffic tickets gained over the previous couple of years will have little effect on these reductions.

Some companies choose to reward consumers who obtain their car insurance quotes online. Most commonly, an insurance carrier will apply an instant discount of 10% for an internet purchase although others are showing even greater initiatives and are offering twelve months of auto insurance cover for the price of ten.

Young drivers, who typically fall into one of the most high-cost auto insurance groups, can also enjoy a number of discounts. Most typically, a carrier will offer cheaper auto insurance quotes to a youngster who has shown a responsible attitude to their schoolwork so maintaining excellent student grades is essential. Furthermore, young drivers can also express a safe and responsible attitude to prospective insurers by taking advance driving examinations to improve their abilities behind the wheel of a car.

Choice of Vehicle

While many drivers dream of high-powered performance vehicles or classic cars, they tend to be every bit as unaffordable as the insurance premiums that go alongside them. Cheaper auto insurance quotes can be obtained if a vehicle is considered to be less of a risk. Although that dream convertible might look great on the driveway, it will be significantly cheaper to insure an older vehicle with a smaller engine capacity. The more expensive the car, the more expensive it is when repairs need to be carried out on them and auto insurance companies are very aware of this point.

When comparing car insurance quotes, motorists should always advise their carrier of any additional features the vehicle may have. Anti-theft devices are looked upon with great favor by all insurance companies so immobilizers, security-etched windows and satellite tracking systems should always be mentioned at the time of a policy purchase. Safety features are also an important factor in cheap car insurance so airbags, ABS braking systems and automatic seat belts should also be declared before a policy is finalized.

Alternative Transportation

In the modern age, many consumers like to use their purchases as an opportunity to express their concerns over global warming. Although it’s not actually possible to obtain a ‘green’ auto insurance quote, individuals can still tailor the requirements of a policy to a level where their carbon footprints will be significantly reduced. Even better, a responsible outlook towards the future of the planet will inevitably lead to larger financial savings!

Motorists who only choose to use their vehicles when it becomes absolutely necessary to do so will obviously cover fewer miles than an individual who commutes to work in their vehicle every day. The less time that a motorist spends on the road, the less chance there is of being involved in a road traffic accident and insurance companies will recognize this fact instantly. Always opt for a lower level of projected mileage and consider using public transport on a more regular basis. As well as saving on auto insurance costs, you’ll be saving the planet for future generations as well!

Adequate Coverage

It goes without saying that all motorists should carry sufficient coverage when using their vehicles and this should be considered carefully when obtaining car insurance quotes. Florida is a no-fault state so motorists are only required to carry personal injury protection and property damage liability cover. However, it is always advisable to extend the depth of policy coverage as much as possible as this will inevitably save on out-of-pocket expenses at a later stage.

Owners of new or nearly-new vehicles should always consider comprehensive coverage, especially if the vehicle as a loan agreement attached to it. Should the vehicle ever be declared a total loss, the policy should be adequate enough to pay off any outstanding balances in full.


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