Saving Money on Auto Insurance Costs with a Maine ZIP Code

If you are a road user in Maine, you may be aware of family members or friends living in different parts of the state who enjoy considerably cheaper (or more expensive) auto insurance quotes. Somewhat surprisingly, your ZIP code can have a significant effect on your auto insurance rates and there are a number of different reasons for this. However, your ZIP code alone will not determine the cost of your auto insurance quotes and there are a number of other factors that carriers will take into consideration before they provide a premium:

  • Previous driving history
  • Credit rating
  • Estimated annual mileage
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Type of vehicle
  • Security features
  • Safety features
  • ZIP code

Most of the above criteria are actually self-explanatory but your ZIP code can have just as big an effect on your auto insurance quotes as traffic violations, missed payments or multiple claims on previous policies. In particular, Maine residents living in areas with high crime rates will be expected to pay higher auto insurance rates as a means of reducing the risk taken on board by the provider. Even if a vehicle is kept in a secure overnight location, there is still a very good change that higher premiums will be applied.

As well as considering crime rates, auto insurance providers will also take population density and traffic levels into account. Areas of Maine with high population counts will inevitably be subject to increased levels of vehicle use and in turn, this increases the chances of a road traffic accident actually occurring. Once these alarm bells start ringing, the overwhelming majority of carriers increase their auto insurance rates accordingly.

At Promiga, we can use your ZIP code to offer you with multiple auto insurance quotes without the need for passing over sensitive personal information. As well as providing you with an accurate policy estimate based on the area of Maine that you live in, your ZIP code allows you to obtain auto insurance quotes anonymously so you’ll never be bothered with annoying follow-up calls or unsolicited junk mail from third party companies.

We provide a dedicated website that operates in partnership with some of the leading names in the auto insurance industry. Every single one of our approved carriers enjoys a top-level auto insurance rating that highlights their commitment to excellent customer service and product choice. Because we only work in partnership with household names that specialize in offering cheap auto insurance, our customers can enjoy huge financial savings without having to compromise on policy coverage.

There is never any charge for our service. Promiga only provide free auto insurance quotes and we never attempt to take a fee or commission through your enquiries. Additionally, there is never any obligation to make a purchase from our website. Multiple policy offers can be received in just a matter of minutes as soon as we receive your ZIP code and we genuinely believe that on a comparative basis of coverage and value-for-money, our free online auto insurance quotes are easily the best to be found anywhere!

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