Saving $440 on your Auto Insurance in Three Simple Steps

Take a careful look around the internet and you’ll find a massive number of different features that offer advice on reducing auto insurance rates. Many of these features do little more than take the reader to a website where an extensive number of forms have to be filled in before second-rate information can be released. The result? A permanent stream of spam in your inbox and a queue of pushy sales representatives from unsolicited companies calling you at all hours of the day and night!

At Promiga, we only offer free auto insurance quotes and free auto insurance advice. Want to know the three best ways of saving up to $440 on your auto insurance coverage for absolutely nothing? We give you them without any obligations whatsoever!

Save up to $170

Take a look at your deductible figure. Increasing your current figure from $250 to $1,000 could see your auto insurance rates slashed by up to 40% on comprehensive and collision coverage costs. That’s a massive $170 to be saved every year!

Save up to $210

Do you have other insurance commitments? If you bundle your auto insurance coverage with a home or rental policy with the same company, you could find yourself saving a total of $210 for every year that a multiple policy is in place!

Save $60

Save money and pay for your auto insurance coverage in a single lump sum instead of monthly installments. This will wipe out any interest charges and could save you up to $60 each year!

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