Rural Mail Carriers: Auto Insurance Coverage Required

Rural mail carriers who use their own vehicles in the course of their professional duties have special insurance needs. Before starting work, the mail carrier should contact his or her insurance company to advise it about the situation and to make necessary changes to the type and level of coverage which is in place.

If a driver has been hired to deliver mail to rural addresses on behalf of the United States Postal Service, the insurance company will add an endorsement to his or her existing coverage. This will provide the necessary coverage to protect the driver if he or she is involved in an accident while working.

In a situation where the person delivering the mail is doing so for a private mail delivery company, then the driver is classified as being a courier. A person who is working  under this type of arrangement will need to get commercial auto insurance coverage. If the driver is working as an independent contractor, the cost of this type of coverage may be a tax-deductible business expense.

A change in auto insurance needs like starting to work as a rural mail carrier is a good opportunity to review the existing car insurance coverage and to consider making other changes to the policy. A driver can take the opportunity to get quotes from several car insurance providers to find the best rates on the type and level of coverage that he or she needs.


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