Rhode Island Auto Insurance and Teens

Teen drivers in Rhode Island are required to have the same level of liability insurance coverage in place as other drivers. If you have a teen in your household, you may want to consider increasing the amount of coverage you have in place.

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Insurance companies are all about evaluating the level of risk that a driver presents. They know that teen drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents, which is why they are charged higher rates for their coverage. The risk is highest during the teen driver’s first year of driving. Once the young person has had the chance to gain some experience, the risk of making a claim starts to decline.

Policyholders should consider that an inexperienced driver is more likely to be in a serious car accident and adjust their level of Rhode Island car insurance accordingly. Rhode Island uses a tort system to deal with claims from injured people, and the insurance company will only pay out on claims up to the policy limit.

Once this level is reached, the policyholder is responsible for paying any additional damages personally. The minimum amount of bodily injury liability coverage required in the state is $25,000 for a single person, and in the case of a serious accident, this amount will be used up quite quickly for medical bills and expenses relating to the accident. Paying a higher premium may be a bargain in comparison.

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