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Reduce your Northern Ireland Car Insurance Quotes

Car insurance quotes in Northern Ireland tend to be a little more expensive than they are throughout the UK mainland. Although the troubles that marred the 20th century are now very much behind us, the aftermath of troubled inner city life means that some areas will experience higher car insurance rates than others. However, there are a number of excellent ways in which residents of Northern Ireland can enjoy cheap car insurance quotes.

Security Features

Security features are an integral part of bring down car insurance rates. Although many vehicles have security devices such as alarms and immobilisers fitted as standard, having additional features installed can lower car insurance quotes even further. GPS satellite tracking devices and security –etched windows are just two ways of helping to guarantee cheap auto insurance quotes


Car insurance companies will increase your premium if your estimated annual mileage is quite high. Reducing the amount of time you spend on the road is a great way of reducing the cost of car insurance quotes and you’ll also be taking proactive steps to help reduce the strain placed on the environment. Using public transport, car pooling, using a bicycle or just walking are great ways of reducing your carbon footprint and saving money on car insurance rates at the same time.

No Claims-Bonus

For every year that a motorist in Northern Ireland goes without being involved in a road traffic accident, the greater the no claims-bonus on their next policy will be. Adopting a safe and conscientious attitude to vehicle use will help reduce the chances of being involved in a collision with another vehicle and this should result in cheap car insurance quotes. Remember that you will need to provide proof of your no-claims bonus if you ever decide to switch car insurance companies.

Named Drivers

Although it may initially appear to a cost-effective exercise, adding a young driver to an existing car insurance policy can ultimately result in expensive car insurance rates because of the added risk that they present. Even so, adding a new driver to an ongoing policy is still the cheapest way of ensuring all family members are effectively covered.

Vehicle Valuation

Vehicles continually depreciate in price so it may be worthwhile carrying out some research to check that your car insurance company has reached an accurate valuation figure. Some car insurance providers also have a ceiling value on certain models so you may find that the value placed on your vehicle is actually too low. Talk to your carrier about this to see if a more beneficial agreement can reached.

Excess Figures

Excess figures are identical to deductible figures in the United States. By increasing the excess figure, vehicle owners take on part of the risk that’s usually assumed by car insurance providers for themselves. The higher the excess figure, the cheaper a car insurance policy will be. However, road users should ensure that they are able to meet any out-of-pocket expenses should an accident actually occur.

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