Reduce you Auto Insurance Rates Today!

Reducing your auto insurance rates doesn’t necessarily have to involve painstaking research and dedicating hours of your valuable time in obtaining dozens of different auto insurance quotes. A few simple changes to your driving habits and paying attention to the influencing factors that auto insurance companies view as ‘risk’ can see auto insurance rates plummet.


Your auto insurance company may be inclined to put you in a driving group that presents a higher risk if your annual mileage is relatively high. If you live near work or school, consider walking or taking public transport to secure cheap auto insurance quotes.

Group Discounts

If family members or colleagues are already enjoying the benefits of group discounts through work or organizations that they are involved in, see if you can join in too! Group discounts are a fantastic way of reducing auto insurance rates.

Bundle your Insurance

Do you purchase home insurance or holiday insurance on an annual basis? Grouping your auto insurance into a single bundle with all of your other coverage requirements can save a small fortune on costs over the course of a year.

Credit Scoring

Something as simple as paying your bills on time can go a long way to helping reduce auto insurance rates. Credit scoring is used on many auto insurance quotes and a record of regular payment on all of your other financial commitments will help to keep your credit history intact.

School Grades

Working hard at school? Keep grades to an acceptable standard and your auto insurance company will reward you with cheap auto insurance rates!

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