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Recommendations on Auto Insurance Coverage for Mature Drivers

Mature drivers who are looking for the best level of protection for their needs should consider the following recommendations on auto insurance coverage:

1. Review the policy at least once a year.

Insurance needs change over time and a policy which was a good fit a few years earlier may no longer meet the driver’s current needs.

2. Consider changing the physical damage coverage which is in place.

Collision and comprehensive protection pay out based on the vehicle’s cash value. An older model car which has been fully paid for may not need to have full coverage in place. Dropping the collision protection and limiting the comprehensive coverage to fire and theft only can help an older driver save on coverage costs.

3. Ask about available discounts.

Good drivers who have a number of years of experience behind the wheel are considered a relatively low risk for car insurance coverage purposes. A number of insurance providers offer discounts to good drivers, as well as those who are operating a vehicle equipped with safety and/or anti-theft devices.

Another way to save on coverage costs is to ask about price breaks for drivers with low annual mileage. Drivers who are retired or semi-retired don’t have the daily commute to and from work can quality for better rates for their coverage.

4. Shop around for best rates.

Since each car insurance provider sets rate for its policyholders independently, getting quotes from several providers before renewing the existing coverage is a savvy move for mature drivers.

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