Questions Surrounding UK Auto Insurance Quotes

Am I obliged to purchase auto insurance in the UK?

Yes. Auto insurance is a legal requirement and failure to purchase a valid policy can lead to fines, driving suspensions and even imprisonment.

How much coverage must I buy?

Unlike the US, there are no set limits of compulsory auto insurance for individual areas. Therefore, you will only need to buy one of the two different types of policy available.

What are the two choices I have?

A fully comprehensive policy will provide protection for you, your car and any liabilities you have to third-party drivers if you injure them, or damage their property, in an at-fault road traffic accident. A third-party policy will only protect you against liability costs for third-party motorists.

Can I get any additional protection for my own vehicle cheaply?

Yes. When you buy third-party auto insurance, you can get additional coverage for your own vehicle to cover fire and theft. This is usually applied at a slightly higher premium than standard third-party policies.

What add-ons are available?

Protected no-claims bonuses, breakdown recovery and windscreen replacement can usually be purchased for a small additional premium.

What does a protected no-claims bonus offer?

For every year of accident-free motoring you complete, your auto insurance carrier will offer a no-claims bonus that provides you with a discount on your next policy. This can be protected so that you can have one accident without affecting your discount entitlement the following year. No-claims bonuses are a great way of reducing typical auto insurance rates.

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