Quebec Car Insurance Discounts

Quebec car insurance companies offer discounts to drivers in certain circumstances. One way to qualify for better rates for coverage is to maintain a good driving record. Drivers who have not been involved in accident or accumulated traffic tickets are considered less risky to insure than people who have these marks against their records. The longer a car insurance customer can maintain a clean record, the better pricing he or she can get.

Another way a Quebec car insurance customer can qualify for a discount is to keep their annual mileage low. The less time a driver spends on the road, the lower the likelihood that he or she will be involved in an accident. When a car insurance company determines that a driver presents a lower level of risk, he or she will be offered better rates.

Drivers can qualify for a discount of up to 30 percent on the cost of their fire and theft coverage by outfitting their vehicle with an anti-theft device. Adding a GPS or cellular tracking system is one way to do so. Insurance companies will also give discounts to customers who ask the manufacturer to install an electronic interlock device.

Customers who insure more than one vehicle under the same insurance policy can also get a discount on their coverage. Buying car insurance from the same company that insures a customer’s home or business can also mean better rates.